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Did you format the SD card on Windows machine?  Can you see it in Windows Explore? is it FAT32?  also on the LCD screen, do you see the SD card ICON is presented in the older firmware?
Hi, the new firmware requires SD card to be presented in the slot, please insert an empty SD card into the SD slot and the problem will be gone.


I tried it with a empty SD card and I still received the error.
I had to go back to previous version and it installed fine.
Something weird with that version and the controller.
Hi, you cannot update it directly from UI, but you can use the updater (run updater from your PC, and connect the board to your PC using a USB cable).
Please be advised that the version 2.17+ requires SD card to be presented in your SD slot, other you will see error message 0x2D.

Hi, we are still actively working on it, please check back later!

Hi, the new firmware requires SD card to be presented in the slot, please insert an empty SD card into the SD slot and the problem will be gone.

YOUPCB.COM Support Forum / Re: Webpage says discount code expired
« Last post by Mike on April 23, 2017, 07:26:39 AM »
Yes it is expired, we will update shortly

I'd like to update to 2.1.7.  Can I just do it from the UI or is there a different way?

I'm interested in the Sprinkler controller. But I can't see so much message nowadays here... what is strange for me (because it looks like a winner project, that's why I don't understand) :-)
Could anybody please write me what's the status of this project currently?
I think I can order a controller, but I'm just worried about what will happen in the future.
Will be able to install the further Opensprinkler updates to TIAO?
Thank you for your answer in advance!

I'm trying to recover from a bad cfe flash on my Asus rt-ac66u rev 1.30 ( I found guides for recovering similar model - n66u, however flash chips are different in ac66u. Would welcome any guidance on what to do since I'm a bit lost after a few hours of fruitless googling and checking solder (seems fine). Cheers. :)

Here is the output I'm getting from zJTAG:

Code: [Select]
.\zjtag.exe -probeonly /cable:3 /L1:3 /skipdetect

               zJTAG EJTAG Debrick Utility v1.8 RC3

cableid=3, cabletype=0

Dev 0:
 Description=USB Multi-Protocol Adapter Lite
 Set I/O speed to 7500 KHz

USB TAP device has been initialized. Please confirm VREF signal connected!
Press any key to continue... ONCE target board is powered on!

Detected IR chain length = 32

There are 0 device(s) in the JTAG chain

Probing bus ... Done

Detected IR Length is 2 bits

CPU assumed running under LITTLE endian

CPU Chip ID: 11111111111111111111111111111111 (0xFFFFFFFF)
    CPU Manufacturer :Unknown(ID=0xFFE)
    CPU Device ID :FFFF
    CPU Revision  :15


    - EJTAG IMPCODE ....... : 11111111111111111111111111111111 (0xFFFFFFFF)
    - EJTAG Version ....... : Unknown (7 is a reserved value)
    - EJTAG DMA Support ... : No
    - EJTAG Implementation flags: R3k DINTsup ASID_8 ASID_6 MIPS16 NoDMA MIPS64

Issuing Processor / Peripheral Reset ... Done
Enabling Memory Writes ... Skipped
Halting Processor ... <Processor Entered Debug Mode!> ... Done
Clearing Watchdog ... Done
Loading CPU Configuration Code ... Skipped

Probing Flash at Address: 0x1FC00000 ...
Detected Chip ID (VenID:DevID = 0000 : 0000)
*** Unknown or NO Flash Chip Detected ***


And output I'm getting from tJTAG (I think i don't have a proper /cable:xxxxx value to use with tJTAG and wasnt able to find it):

Code: [Select]
.\tjtag302RC2-1.exe -probeonly

 EJTAG Debrick Utility v3.0.2 RC2-1 Tornado-MOD

Selected  port  = 0x378

Couldn't access giveio device

Newbie Forums / Hi from india
« Last post by dulcet on April 15, 2017, 02:47:30 AM »

i hop get it a lot from here

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