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TIAO Smart Sprinkler and TIAO Smart Sprinkler Pi Support Forum / Loading
« Last post by csmeutah on June 18, 2017, 10:15:40 AM »
my controller runs the current program but when I access the web page to change settings it flashes "Loading" but never comes up just a dark page.  I've tried this on my computer and phone and powered down/on the controller.

is it possible to use a different power source for the TIAO Smart Network Sprinkler Controller - 16 Station Sprinkler Controller (not the Pi version)
just to make the controller working? Of course I know the the valves will not work then but for testing I only need the controller.

So the question is if it is possible to power up the controller with 5V DC.

regards Mario
TIAO Smart Sprinkler and TIAO Smart Sprinkler Pi Support Forum / Flow sensor
« Last post by powerlite on June 10, 2017, 02:34:44 PM »

I have a 3 wire flow sensor.

5v , common and signal wire.

Signal is a blockwave.

I cannot get it to work. I use opensprinkler software ( because i did not receive any software with the pi version of the tiao board , and downloaded the tiao software at least 5 times but file is always corrupt)

Anyhow. Does anyone else use a flowsensor and does anyone have any good advice how to get it working ?

TIAO Smart Sprinkler and TIAO Smart Sprinkler Pi Support Forum / Schematic?
« Last post by caaron on June 01, 2017, 02:51:39 PM »
I don't see an actual schematic posted on the wiki site anywhere, just the top view of the layout. Is it available?

Hi the password for tss is opendoor

Hello Members,

I just purchased TSS last week.
I have connected it to the my router using a network cable as I couldnt get client to work on FAST 150.
Pressing switch B1 tell me the ip address to be
I open a Opera browser and it ask shows a screen of OpenSprikler and Ender Device Password. Found the password of "admin" on installation description on page ""
I enter "admin" and it says Invalid Password.

How do I proceed here?

i solved the issue by copying boot files from a working raspberry pi image to boot partition on the sdcard and then changing config.txt
I am new to this so not sure how it works. I got a raspberry PI and the TIAO sprinkler Controller.
My Raspberry Pi works just fine with the OS it came with. Now i download the TIAO image and got the PI connected to TIAO controller but when i put the SD card with TIAO image, it only shows me rainbow screen.
what am I doing wrong?
I used a ubuntu computer to burn the image file.

thank you very much for your help
XBOX 360 Hardware Talk / Re: TIAO XBOX 360 DVD Adapter V4
« Last post by Mike on May 11, 2017, 01:33:41 PM »
So, I have discovered some interesting things during this troubleshooting/debugging process. In short, I have resolved the issue by flashing firmware 2.1.6 and removing the SD card. If you want to know the details of the solution, read on.

I noticed that when I cleared off the SD card and restarted the device (running 2.1.7) it no longer exhibited the 0's IP address. I was able to use the device for all of about 10 minutes and then lost connection again. The device had reverted itself back to a 0's IP address. So, I took out the card, erased the files off of it, and put the SD card back in. Booted it up and it registered a valid IP right away. Was able to use it for a few minutes and then it crashed again. So, to further test this theory, I wiped the SD card again and put it back in the device and then booted it up. It registered with a valid IP and appeared to be out of the bad state and in a good state again. In the short window that I had, I flashed 2.1.6 firmware back on the device. After that was done I shut it down and removed the SD. Once I booted it back up, I no longer was seeing the 0's IP address. It has been running all evening now and have not had any issues with it. I am nervous I am not out of the woods yet but this is the only solution I have found thus far. Now, I tested my theory even more. While I had files still on the SD card, I tested it on a 2.1.6 version and I saw the same 0's IP Address behavior. It seems there are some files that are generated that are interfering with the device when it tries to register an IP address. As soon as I wiped the SD card, it would get itself out of a bad state. The reason I am staying on 2.1.6 until further notice is because 2.1.7 requires you to have an SD card in the device. I don't mind that personally except it is causing the device to crash. So, my solution, flash the device at 2.1.6 and remove the SD card. I will be more than happy to discuss this further or send any data I might have to the developers. Any further testing you would like me to do I would be happy to do as well.

I hope this helps anyone else who may come across this same or similar issue.

FYI my device hardware version is v2.3.
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