XBOX 360 RROD Red Ring of Death Fix

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What is RROD (Red Ring of Death)?

If you are reading this page, it means you already know what RROD is. Basically, your XBOX 360 is overheated which caused some hardware failures.

These are most common symptom of RROD is freeze-up while you are playing. You can also see 1/2/3 red rings on your console:

RROD Symptom

We have developed this kit which allows you to fix the RROD problem quickly, and RROD will never come back!

This kit includes all the hardwares required to fix your RROD console:

Items included in the RROD repair kit

Let's get started!

Remove the motherboard

Everyone should already know how to do it, if not, google it. We also have the opening tool for sale, with this tool, you can easily open your xbox 360:

Open the case:

Remove case

Remove DVD drive:

Remove DVD drive

Remove RF module:

Remove RF module

OK, you can safely take the motherboard out:

Take motherboard out

Remove X-Clamp

Use a flat screw driver to carefully remove 2 x-clamps on the back of the motherboard:

Remove x-clamps

X-Clamps removed:

X-Clamp removed

Closeup of the CPU and GPU. You can see the thermal compound on both units are uneven distributed, which blocked the heat distribution and caused your xbox 360 overheated.

Closeup of CPU and GPU

Closeup of the back of heat sinks:

Close up of heat sink

Close up of heat sink

Remove existing thermal compound

This step is very important, you need to remove existing thermal compound. Do it in a very gentle way. The existing thermal compound is very hard to remove. DO NOT use a screwdriver or any hardware to scratch the compound, it could damage your CPU or GPU. Use something soft, for example, your fingernail, tissue, Q-tips or cotton wool. You can also use nail polish remover to polish the surface. You end goal is to make remove all existing thermal compound on the surfaces of your CPU, GPU and heat-sinks. The surface must be nice shine and also flat, no dent or scratch. The more time you take to remove all the old compound off the more chance your xbox 360 will work. You many need to speed as much as 1 hour to remove the existing thermal compound, don't expect to get a nice shine surface in a few minutes.

OK, I have it removed on the surfaces (I spent 1 hour :-) )

Nice shine surface on GPU
Nice shine surface on CPU
Nice shine surface on GPU heat-sink
Nice shine surface on CPU

Add thermal compound to GPU/CPU and heat-sinks

Add a thin layer of Shin-Etsu X23-7762 Thermal Compound to the surface of GPU, CPU and heat-sink. Remember a very thin layer. Also make sure it covers all the surfaces.

add a thin layer to the surface of your CPU/GPU and heat-sink
add a thin layer to the surface of your CPU/GPU and heat-sink
add a thin layer to the surface of your CPU/GPU and heat-sink

I didn't take a picture of the other heat-sink, but you need to do the same thing, apply a thin layer thermal compound to the surface of it.

Replace heat sinks

You can discard the x-clamp from your original xbox 360. Instead, you use the supplied screws/bolts and washers to attache the heat sinks to both CPU and GPU.

This is how you should place the washers:

Washer stack

Put 2 flat washers on each hole on the motherboard for the heatsink, do it on the GPU first:

Place washers

Then carefully attach the heat-sink on top of GPU, and on the back place the split/spring washer first and then insert the screw/bolt to the heat-sink. When you tight the screw/bolt, do it one at a time and hand-tight it, don't force it. The best way is to tight one bolt a little and tight the next bolt, do it multiple times. You want to make sure the forces on the GPU/CPU are evenly distributed.

Finish CPU and heat-sink

Switch XBOX 360 on

Place motherboard to the xbox 360, put the DVD drive in, plug the RF module back in, attach all cables including AV cables, put the fan shroud on top of heat sinks and then turn on your xbox 360:

try it

Let it run 6-10 minutes, if no RROD, then you are good, put everything back in and you are done.

If not, you will have to do it over again, so tighten the bolts and try again :-)

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10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!