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Why you need to extract the key?

The newer XBOX 360 comes with lite-on DVD drive. It is impossible do dump the firmware from these lite-on DVD drives. However, a new method was developed so you can at least extract the DVD key / identification from these lite-ons. You can then use the key/identification to spoof iXtreme and flash the spoofed iXtreme to a SAMSUNG/LG/BENQ or even the original Lite-on (after Dec 24/2008).

If you have a new liteon DVD drive FW version 83850c:

How to check you have a 83850C liteon

You do not need to use the key extractor (USB or Serial version), you can get the key w/o this probes. Please check this tutorial for details: Extract Liteon 83850C Key

Lite-On DG16D2S

This drive started to appear in machines manufactured after 20th April 2008 (2008-04-20).

Here is how to figure out whether you have a lite-on or not:

  1. Remove XBOX 360 front Faceplate
  2. See which colour the wires are in the hole under the DVD Tray
  3. Yellow wires: you have lite-on DVD drive
  4. White wires: you have BENQ drive

Lite on DVD has yellow wire

You can also search on [XBOX 360 DVD Drive Database] for more information.

How it works

Basically, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Disassemble XBOX 360 (Remove Lite-on DVD drive from XBOX 360)
  2. Remove Lite-on DVD back cover
  3. Extract DVD key and identification strings
  4. Prepare spoofed iXtreme firmware
  5. Flash the spoofed firmware to a BENQ/SAMSUNG/LG or original Lite-on

Tools required

In order to get the key and flash the DVD drive to a spoofed iXtreme firmware, you will need the following tools or components:

  1. XBOX 360 case opening tool with TORX bit. Buy from [here] or [here]
  2. Access to your PC's native SATA port, or a PCI to SATA card. A VT6421A powered PCI to SATA card works best. USB to SATA convert does NOT work. Buy VT6421A PCI to SATA controller card from [here] or [here]
  3. A XBOX DVD power adapter. Buy from [here], [here],[here, [here], [here]
  4. A USB version of TIAO's Lite-on DVD key extractor. Buy from [here] or [here]
  5. Xtractor reader, a software used for extracting the key, spoof the firmware and flash the DVD drive. Download from [here]
  6. PortIO32, a library for accessing COM/LPT ports in Windows. Download it from [here]

To make your life easier, we have created a package, contains the XBOX 360 Connectivity Kit V3 and USB version of lite-on DVD drive key extractor [here]

OK. Let's get started!

Driver installation

Before you plug TIAO's liteon key extractor to you PC, you will first need to install the driver on your PC. Of course, once it is installed, you don't need to install it again. Please don't plug the key extractor to your USB port before you have the driver installed. The driver can be downloaded at [here]. UnRAR the file and run the install program to install the driver.

Please remember to restart your PC once the driver is installed. After reboot, plug the key extractor to your PC's USB port and your PC should automatically recognize the USB extractor. Go to Device manager, find the COM port number and write it down somewhere. You will need this number later on.

PCI to SATA card installation

If you need to install VT6421 PCI to SATA card to your PC, please following the instructions [here].

Prepare Liteon DVD drive

Now you should have drivers installed and have access to you SATA card.

First, following the instructions [here] and [here] to get the Liteon DVD drive from your xbox 360.

Then, download required softwares per the instructions [here]

Once you have everying ready, turn off your PC, connect the TIAO's USB key extractor to your free USB port, connect one end of TIAO's DVD power adapter to one of your free Molex 4P connector, and another end to your Liteon DVD drive. Make sure the power cable is plugged in the right direction. Now connect your liteon DVD drive to your SATA card via the supplied SATA cable. Slide the DVD power button to the OFF position. Double check the connections and make sure the DVD adapter does NOT touch any part of your PC, especially the metal case. Double check again to make sure everything is correct as pic showed below:

Connect everything together
Connect everything together closeup

Attention: Make sure you connect the DVD power cable to the DVD adapter and DVD drive in the correct direction. One side of the DVD cable's header has a raised bar, another side is flat, make you connect them in the correct way as show in the picture below:

to DVD adapter
to DVD Drive

Attention: Do not let the DVD adapter to touch any metal object or your PC's case. Always put a book under the DVD adapter to prevent short circuit:

This is bad, it will cause short circuit
This is good, put a book under the DVD adapter

Tray half way in

Now, power on your PC. Power on the Liteo DVD driver by sliding the power button to the ON side, you will see 3 LEDs light.

Plug the TIAO's USB key extractor to your PC's free USB port if it is not already done:

Plug TIAO's USB Key extractor to the USB port

Now bring up Jungleflash/Xtractor Reader. Run the auto detect function of Xtractor reader to detect the SATA port. Then manually select the COM port you will be using. The is is the number you wrote down from "Driver Installation" step.

Hit the eject button on the DVD adapter, the DVD tray will eject:

Eject the tray

Once the tray is out, turn off the DVD driver by sliding the power button to OFF position:

Eject the tray then power off

Now, manually push the tray half way in:

Manually push the tray half way in

Then power on the driver again by sliding the power button to the ON position:

Power on liteon again

Then place the probe on the bottom pad of R707, there is a little spring inside the probe, you will feel it:

Hold the probe on top of bottom pad of R707

Click "Get key and files" button:

Detect COM, select correct COM port and click "Get Key and Files" button

After a few seconds, you will see the following "Save as" dialog. Browse to an existing directory or create a new directory and click OK:

Prompt to save all files

You will see this screen after the files are successfully saved:

Files saved dialog

The key is also displayed on Xtractor Reader's main screen:

Key is displayed on screen as well

Well done! You now have the required files!

You better do the above steps a couple more times just to verify the key are exactly the same. Hit eject button on DVD power adapter to close tray, than hit eject button again to open the tray. Manually push the tray half in, disconnect Molex power connector, click "Get Key and Files" and save to a different location, compare the files against the first try, if they are the same, you are done!

What to do next

First, write down the COM port number and the SATA Port address you have used! You will need these two numbers when flashing firmware back to you lite-on!

Now you need to spoof the firmware and flash your liteon.

You need to follow the following tutorials:

You do NOT need to connect the extractor when spoofing or flashing your DVD drive.


Could not run Xtractor Reader

You may missing .NET framework. Download it [here]

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10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!