How to JTAG XBOX 360 Using TIAO USB SPI Interface

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Why you want to JTAG your XBOX 360?

If you want to run homebrew... simple enough!

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to modify your XBOX 360 to run Xell Homebrew or xbox rebooter kernel.

Tools needed


In order to finish this task, you need to prepare the following tools/components:

  1. A ‘hackable’ XBOX 360
  2. XBOX 360 USB SPI & JTAG bundle
  3. Solder iron, solder and solder paste.

Software needed:

  1. Microchip USB package (contains PDFUSSB.exe for flashing PICFLASH.hex over USB)
  2. PICFLASH_v3b_plus2
  3. NANDPro ( currently Version 2.0 d)
  4. Infectus NAND Checker (current Version 1.1)
  5. MD5 Comparison Tool (hex editors can do this)
  6. 360 Flash Tool ( currently Version 0.91)
  7. CD Info (currently Version 1b)

The benefit of using this USB SPI inteface is, it does not require any parallel port (most PCs don't have it nowdays), it only requires USB port. Another advantage is speed. It is 10 times faster than the parallel port tool.

OK, let’s start!

How do I know my XBOX 360 is hackable?

This is relatively easy, check the power connector:

XBOX 360 power connectors

Differences between Xenon/Zephyr: Zephyr has HDMI, Xenon does not.

Difference between Falcon/Opus: Falcon has HDMI, Opus does not.

If you have a Jasper box, you should also check which NAND size it has.

Unplug all storage devices (HDD, Memory Unit etc.) and navigate to "System Settings", "Memory". If you don't see a storage device listed there you have a Jasper without an integrated Memory Unit, so you have a 16MB NAND. If a storage device is listed (with a symbol of an Xbox console in front) press the Y-Button and a summary from the storage device will appear.

Jasper memory


Capacity: 214MB = 256MB NAND
Capacity: 451MB = 512MB

Which Dashboard-Version does my console have?

At first you have to find out which dashboard version your Xbox console has. Go to "System Settings", "Console Settings" and choose "System Info". The dashboard should show something like "2.0.7371.0".

check the dashboard version

It is possible to use the hack up to Version 7371, but starting with Dashboard-Version 8xxx it isn't possible anymore.

With Jasper, beginning MFR July 2009, you have to read out the NAND first anyway to know for sure that the Hack will work. (The NAND should be read out anyway, doesn't matter which Mainboard-Revision you have).

Prepare TIAO 360 USB SPI Interface

First, download and install Microchip USB package.

After you have it installed, you should have a menu created something like: MicroChip ->MCHPFSUSB v1.3 in your windows menu bar. Please also remember the install location of this package, as you need to install drivers later. Reboot your machine.

Now, open the TIAO 360 USB SPI interface package, use the jumper to short the BL pins as shown below:

Set interface in bootloader mode

Then, connect it to your PC using a mini USB cable (comes with almost all digital camera):

Connect to PC

You will see the PWR light is on, and you should also hear a beep from you pc indicating a new hardware is found.

Following the following screens to install MiroChip USB Driver:

Found new hardware wizard
Select a specific location for the deriver
Select the MicroChip USB Driver

The driver is located in your MicroChip USB package installation, as shown in above picture.

Driver specified

After you have specified the location of microchip driver, click Next to install the driver.

Once your driver is installed, unplug the USB cable, and re-plug it in, then run PDFSUSB.exe to load the firmware to PIC:

Run PDFSUSB to load the firmware

Run the PDFSUSB tool from your start menu. Select the only option in the drop down menu and click load HEX button:

Load HEX file

Browse to where you unzipped PICFLASH_v3b_plus2 and select file: PICFLASH.hex:

Load HEX file

Then, click "Program Device" button:

Flash device

If no errors, you have successfully programmed the PIC.

Now, disconnect the 360 USB SPI interface board from your PC by unplug the USB cable, then disable bootloader mode by replacing the jumper to the bottom:

Disable bootloader mode

Then, plug the interface back to your USB, you will see the LED is on again and Windows found new hardware wizard should come up:

Normal mode ON
Found new hardware wizard
Select a specific location for the deriver

Then browse to the location where you unzipped NANDPro2d:

Select NANDPro driver

Then click next to install the driver.

After the driver is installed, you should have Memory Access installed:

NANDPro driver installed

Now, you have your TIAO 360 USB SPI interface ready.

Prepare XBOX 360 for Flashing

This step is exactly same for both Parallel port and USB port tool. Please following the instruction below to get it ready:

Read "Preparation" only:

Attention: DO NOT INSTALL DIODES, otherwise it will not work. You need to install diodes AFTER you have flashed your NAND.

How to JTAG XBOX 360

Connect the USB SPI Interface to XBOX 360

This step is easy, make sure the interface board is disconnected from your PC and of course no power to you XBOX 360 as well, using the supplied female to female flexible wire to connect the following:

J1D2 Pin 1 -> J1D2.1 on USB SPI interface board
J1D2 Pin 2 -> J1D2.2
J1D2 Pin 3 -> J1D2.3
J1D2 Pin 4 -> J1D2.4
J1D2 Pin 6 -> GND
J2B1 Pin 5 -> J2B1.5
J2B1 Pin 6 -> J2B1.6

Make sure no short circuits.

Connect all wires

If everything is ok, plug the USB cable to the SPI interface board, then connect the power adapter to you XBOX 360 but DO NOT turn on it. Just plug the power plug to the wall outlet and power connector to your xbox 360.

So all the cable connections are ready, you can then following the instruction mentioned in [here] (start from page 7, 4.Reading out the NAND to page 13) to read the nand and write the NAND. Make sure to use interface USB, so the command to read NAND is:

nandpro usb: -r16 nandback.bin

Soldering the SMC-JTAG connection

Read "Soldering the SMC-JTAG connection" at:

How to JTAG XBOX 360

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