TIAO's POGO MO THOIN (PMT) No cut, no solder probe tutorial (10 minutes)

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What is POGO MO THOIN Probe?

The previous probe requires you to cut the pcb in order to obtain the key, especially 8 and 9 series dvd drive.

Thanks to POGO MO THOIN probe, the latest addition to the probe family, with this tool, you no longer require to cut or solder on your PCB, which makes everyone can do this at home!

So, let me show you how to use this little tool to extract the key.


As always, before you disassemble your console, you better make sure you have all the tools ready:

  1. A PC with SATA port (a USB to SATA won't work). If your don't have SATA port on your PC, check our store at http://www.diygadget.com for PCI to SATA card or PCMCIA SATA card.
  2. Of course your console
  3. The POGO MO THOIN (PMT) Probe and CK3
  4. Jungle Flasher 1.79 or later

That's all!

Extract the key using POGO MO THOIN Probe

Double check the items above, if you are sure you have everything ready, let's go!

Disassemble XBOX 360 and take out DVD drive

There are thousands tutorial on the internet shows you how to do that, so if not sure how to do it, just google it. I am not going to repeat it here.

Get familiar with MPX01 Pad

During the process, you will need to put the probe on top of the MPX01 pad, so let's take a look of it:

MPX01 Pad

The red arrow points to it.

Connect POGO MO THOIN Probe with TIAO DVD Adapter

We need to supply the power to the PMT probe, so, use the bundled alligator clip wire to make the connections.

Use the black alligator clip wire to connect the GND pad on the TIAO DVD adapter to the GND pad on the PMT probe Use the red alligator clip wire to connect the 3.3V pad on the TIAO DVD adapter to the J1 pad on the other side of the PMT probe PCB.

connect DVD 3 adapter to PMT probe PCB

Connect the DVD drive to your PC

Make sure your PC is turned off, and DVD adapter's power switch is OFF.

Carefully check the above connections, make sure no short circuit (RED alligator should NOT touch BLACK alligator), otherwise you may kill your DVD adapter!

Connect the DVD adapter to your dvd drive via the supplied DVD power cable, connect the PC's Molex adapter to DVD adapter's Molex connector, and connect the DVD driver to your SATA port.

Connect all parts together

Then carefully check all connections, if you are 100% sure, then continue to next step.

Turn on PC and launch Jungle Flasher

Turn on your PC. Then turn on the DVD power adapter by sliding the power switch to ON position. If the connections are good, the BLUE LED on the PMT probe will be turned on, indicating DVD 3 adapter is charging the PMT probe. Let it charge the PMT probe for a few minutes.

PMT probe is being charged

Now, launch JF.

JF is launched

launch JF

Click DVDKey32 tab, select the correct SATA port and click on the button next to SATA address to detect your device. Your dvd drive should be detected by JF, if not, check your connection and make sure the port is correct.

Once your DVD drive is identified, click on PhatKey button as indicated in the above picture, you will see this dialog:

Click on PhatKey button

Read this carefully and make sure you understand it.

These are the steps you will be doing after you click Yes:

  1. Turn off DVD power adapter
  2. Put the PMT probe on top of the MPX01 Pad
  3. Turn on DVD power adapter
  4. Look at JF's log windows, as soon as you see ox52, lift the probe off the pad
Probe on MPX01 pad

After a few seconds, you should see this dialog:

Phatkey done

So you need to:

  1. Turn DVD adapter off
  2. Wait 5 seconds
  3. Turn DVD adapter on
  4. Click OK

If everything goes well, you will be present to save your key.bin file, inquiry.bin file, identify.bin file, serial.bin file and dummy.bin file:

Save key.bin file
Save inquiry.bin file
Save identify.bin file
Save serial.bin file
Save dummy.bin file

After all files are saved, you will be asked whether you want to auto load ixtreme:

Auto load ixtreme

Click yes to auto load ixtrem, or No to cancel.

Spoof the firmware and flash back to DVD drive

Now you have your dummy.bin file and dvd key, you can follow the following tutorials to spoof the firmware or flash back to dvd drive:

[Spoof and flash back to DVD drive]

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10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!