XBOX 360 JTAG SPI NAND Flasher Solderless Addon Tutorial

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10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!

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What is this addon for?

We have just released the solderless addon for our NAND Flasher. With this addon, you can read or write your NAND flash without soldering wires to your xbox 360 motherboard.

This is the item:


You can buy it separately if you already have our USB SPI flasher, or you can buy it with our new USB SPI Flasher bundle:


How to use it?

It is pretty easy to use it, the addon comes with 8 pogo pins and two bundles of flex wires. Each bundle of wire have 6 single flex wires with headers installed. One end has single female pin headers installed, and the other end has a 2x3 female headers installed.

You first follow the instruction below to have everything ready:

How to JTAG XBOX 360 Using TIAO USB SPI Interface

However you do NOT solder the JTAG/SPI wires to the motherboards (J1D2.1, J1D2.2, J1D2.3, J1D2.4, J1D2.6, J2B1.5 and J2B1.6).

At this point, insert the supplied pogo pins into the 2x3 female header as fellow:

6 pogo pins in one 2x3 header
2 pogo pins in another 2x3 header

See picture below:

first 2x3 female header
second 2x3 female header

Then, use a pen to write down which pin maps to which id, in my example, I have the following for the first 2x3 header:

J1D2.1 -> Orange
J1D2.2 -> Red
J1D2.3 -> Yellow
J1D2.4 -> Brown
J1D2.6 -> Black

And I have the following for the second 2x3 header:

J2B1.5 -> Grey
J2B1.6 -> Purple

Then, connect the corresponding single female pin headers to the USB Flasher's male header. There are labels on our flasher, so you won't make mistakes.

Insert single pins to the XBOX 360 USB NAND flasher

Once you have wires ready, double check again to make sure everything is good, then hold the female headers on the J1D2 and J2B1 pads while you reading/writing the flash.

Soldering the SMC-JTAG connection

Read "Soldering the SMC-JTAG connection" at:

How to JTAG XBOX 360

Buy Game Console Adapters from or

10 PCS, 10cm x 10cm, 2 layers prototype for $38.80 shipped!